Independent asset managers are strong and reliable partners in your wealth management project. They embody the traditional values and principles of the Swiss financial services industry.  

To entrust the management of one’s assets to an independent asset manager has many advantages, it begins with a personalised and committed relationship.

Quality relationship
Before any criteria of a technical nature, the fundamental characteristic of wealth management is the quality of the relationship that is forged between the client and his manager. Built over time and based on trust, it enables the manager to gain an accurate understanding of his client’s needs, constraints and expectations, so as to propose the most suitable solutions. This high-quality relationship is the key to our approach.
We work in total independence  vis-à-vis brokers, custodians, banks, financial institutions and analysts. It allows us to choose our investment vehicles, across all asset classes, without any constraints. In this manner, we always act in the best interest of our clients.
Small is beautiful! We are a small and dedicated team close to our clients. We are able to react effectively and swiftly, if necessary, to important market events.
Tailored management
We adapt our management methods and asset allocation to the particular situation of each of our clients. Together with them, we determine an investment profile that perfectly matches their expectations, yield objectives or risk aversion. Every management decision is taken in keeping with this profile, which we subsequently review and adapt according to the changes of situation encountered by our clients.